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he working principle of water plugging for the special expansion pipe for sewers is to inflate the air bag made of high-quality rubber and inflate it. When the gas pressure in the expansion pipe bag reaches the specified requirements, the plugging air bag fills the entire pipe section, and is used. The frictional force generated by the closure of the airbag wall and the pipeline blocks the leakage, so that no water seepage can be achieved in the target pipe section.

Product use: The pipe expansion pipe plug is a special product used for water supply, sewage pipe maintenance, plugging the pipe mouth water flow.
How to use: Put the expansion pipe plugging device into the pipe opening that needs to be blocked. The length of the pipe plugging is the length of the expansion pipe plugging device. Then the compressed air is pumped through the inlet valve to the specified pressure, and the construction can be completed. After opening the air intake valve to release air, remove the expansion tube plug.
1. The expansion pipe expands into an ellipse type, and the contact pipe area is not large, but it is easy to plug into the pipe and the water plugging effect is good.
2, simple operation, light weight, small body size, economical and practical.
3, the expansion tube air bag can be freely bent 180 degrees, have a certain degree of corrosion resistance.
4, with super-expansive.

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