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Sewer expansion pipe
he working principle of water plugging for the special expansion pipe for sewers is to inflate the air bag made of high-quality rubber and inflate it. When the gas pressure in the expansion pipe bag reaches the specified requirements, the plugging air bag fills the entire pipe section, and is used.
Dredge Dragasteel/R
Sand extraction use: Harbor, waterway, river silt, sand reservoir, deep, sucker and discharge. Terminal ships: transport of raw materials such as cement powder or other powders. Working pressure: 150 BAR (200 PSI).
Rubber suction tube
Application: 10 BAR (150 PSI) 2 Once blasting pipe for sand blasting, its pipe is particularly wear-resistant and anti-static Inner tube material: black NAT static conduction Reinforcement layer: high tension fine-spun layer Skin Material: NAT/SBR Mixture Plane Working pressure: normal pressure 10 B

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Taixiangxing Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of rubber and plastic hoses with rich experience in rubber tube R&D, design, and manufacturing. It has excellent technical and efficient service quality and can meet your needs for various rubber tubes. The rubber hoses produced by the company cover the use of commodities: industries such as iron and steel industry, civil engineering construction, hydraulic engineering, ship transportation, food processing industry, petrochemical industry, etc. .

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